IVCI Loans 'Gingold' Strad to Indianapolis Concertmaster Kevin Lin

April 7, 2023, 1:03 PM · The Stradivari violin once owned by the great violinist and pedagogue Josef Gingold has been officially loaned to Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Kevin Lin for the next three years, the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (IVCI) announced on Friday.

Lin and Gingold
Left, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Kevin Lin; right, violinist Josef Gingold.

The IVCI has owned the 1683 "ex-Gingold" Stradivari since 1999, several years after Gingold's death in 1995. Gingold was concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony and the Cleveland Orchestra before becoming violin professor at Indiana University, a position he held for more than 30 years. Gingold was also the Artistic Founder of the IVCI, and his former violin traditionally has been offered to its laureates.

The last Indianapolis competition was held in 2022, and its first-place laureate Sirena Huang currently plays on the 1739 "Kortschak" Guarneri del Gesù violin, which is on loan from Dr. Ryuji Ueno and Rare Violins In Consortium, Artists and Benefactors Collaborative.

"As it turned out, our 2022 laureates all have, or are borrowing fine instruments, so no one had the need to borrow one of the instruments from our collection," said IVCI Executive Director Glen Kwok. The IVCI owns four instruments; in addition to the "ex-Gingold" Strad, the competition also owns a 2017 violin by Samuel Zygmuntowicz of Philadelphia; a 2014 violin by Philip Ihle of London; and a 2018 violin by Paul Crowley of Brooklyn.

The IVCI has granted Lin the use of the "ex-Gingold" Strad until its 12th Quadrennial Competition in 2026.

Gingold Strad
The 1683 "ex-Gingold" Stradivari. Image courtesy of the IVCI.

"The IVCI is thrilled that for the first time, Indianapolis audiences will have the opportunity to hear Josef Gingold’s Stradivari violin played regularly in the hands of ISO Concertmaster Kevin Lin," Kwok said. "I cannot think of a more meaningful opportunity than to have our city’s concertmaster perform on this Strad, which carries the distinctive sound and artistry of Josef Gingold."

Lin, who has been the concertmaster of the Indianapolis Symphony since 2020, was previously Co-Leader of the London Philharmonic, and has appeared as guest concertmaster in the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Houston symphonies, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London, and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

"To be able to perform on a Stradivari violin is to be around a piece of history," Lin said, "but to use the 'ex-Gingold,' a violin with such a meaningful provenance, is incredibly special."

The "ex-Gingold" has passed through some seriously illustrious hands, including IVCI Gold Medalists Judith Ingolfsson (1998), Barnabás Kelemen (2002), Augustin Hadelich (2006), Clara-Jumi Kang (2010), Richard Lin (2018), and 2014 Silver Medalist Tessa Lark.

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April 9, 2023 at 11:41 PM · Re ~ The "Gingold Strad" and Owner Of ... {#1}

Knowing Josef Gingold quite well later on in his Professorial Life, visiting him at IU in his quiet intriguing Bloomington, IN, Studio and for long visits talking together about my late father, whom Gingold knew and admired working with Poppa, in his role as ASTA National President, always in some contact with Josef Gingold for String Projects collaborative interminglings, it was my father's untimely passing which drew the Maestro and myself together with Gingold actually ringing me here at my home in Chicago, to offer his very kind condolences which truly brought huge tears to my eyes with gratitude expressed and simultaneously realising whilst speaking that we were two kindred spirits ... Josef Gingold invited me to ring him and to come to visit him in his Indiana University Teaching Studio plus 'to talk about your wonderful musician father and consider me a substitute father now, Elisabeth, dear . . . '

Having left Chicago in the throes of grief for the West Coast, and back after 8 months grieving the profound loss of my principal teacher - father, unable to accept a surreal reality, Professor Gingold's personal warmth was kindness beyond and an umbrella for all the tears in my heart. Any pupil person having been taught by Prof Gingold, will surely tell all who will listen, about the rare kindness and genuine concern for each young pupil and colleagues of the Great Gingold ~ At a time when many, after initially offering sincere sympathies, then over & departing a grieving daughter or a beloved mentor, Prof Gingold exceeded all/any expectations ... My father, a brilliant musician & USC Faculty School of Music Member, always had immense reverence for Gingold! Poppa would speak of Josef Gingold in similar tones as Auer JH/NM classmates of Toscha Seidel, {friend/colleague of Dad's}; Heifetz, a wonder to my father (and Pianist-for-Arnold Schoenberg Mother, also pianist for Toscha Seidel); Nathan Milstein, and David Oistrakh, with the same respect which indicated his highest regard for the US GOAT Concertmaster for the Great George Szell, then Music Director/Conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra and during the later 1940s/50s & earlier 60s, being the most prominent Major US Orchestra in America!

Having the GOAT Concertmaster/Soloist in the proverbial 'Hot Seat' in the Gingold personae, was beyond 10 feathers in the Cap of the Cleveland Orchestra, considered at the time period just above the finest of International Orchestras! To match his fabled grand artistry and recognisable JG Sound, was a rare outgoing personality who embraced all people with whom he came into contact no matter if in Music or 'Civilians', aka, non musicians!!

It's no accident to see the enormous influence of USA Master Violin Mentor Gingold on Joshua Bell, a Gingold 'Star' pupil & from very early on in Joshua Bell's earliest violin training ~ There are/were no serious mistakes with his violinistic technique and an early emphasis by Gingold on beauty of sound plus his insistence upon the musical fidelity of performer Bell, with The Music = First and minus many distracting antics on stage or off in private life which have stood Joshua Bell in good stead with the rigour's of public 'fame' yet well grounded on Terra Firma for the publicity which has also followed other 'Name' artists = *Arturo Delmoni, & certainly, now in our Internet addicted Age with a Global Reach ~ A Master of psychology, Josef Gingold deserves many Pulitzer Prizes for his abilities to have guided future 'Star's' like JB, also Dylana Jensen, having studied with Gingold, being violinistically coddled yet in Life made aware of a lack of too much self-absorption!! Nathan Milstein, my GOAT {w/Heifetz} Violin Mentor was 'guilty' of the Sin, aka, dignified complete lack of self - absorption!! We crave Human Artists yet remaining in their Sphere which in a subtle way conveys a 'difference' yet both welcoming of others in professional & life social situations ~

If a 'List of Must Have's' were to be made for a Grand Violinist/ Master Mentor, it would only need the Name of Josef Gingold on it to attract all aspiring young violinists told they possess 'what it takes' to become prodigious concert soloists and How to Be & Carry Fame graciously minus much fuss or to point to one in the global public eye, i.e.: HRH The Princess Royal, Anne, only daughter of Her late Majesty The Queen, 'Queen Elizabeth II of GB, The Great', & whom is well known in the entire UK and Commonweath Nations to disdain any bit of fuss; getting on with the job at hand & speaking w/thousands and millions of people yet straight on after curtseying by HRH' UK|Commonwealth Subjects not required to do so yet do out of deepest respect and admiration for 'simply' Anne!

Never intending to pen an Epistle on Josef Gingold, it seems to have written itself or guided by another Hand from Above to Honour the late Owner of the "Gingold Strad", 'Josef Gingold The Good' and oddly/appropriately, on Easter Sunday of April 9th in Anno 2 0 2 3 ~ R IP dearly missed Maestro ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Elisabeth Matesky, Ralph's Violinist daughter ~ ~ ~ ~

Fwd: dmg {#1}

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