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Margaret Mehl

Margaret Mehl, a native of Germany, is Associate Professor in Japanese Studies at the University of Copenhagen and a keen amateur violinist with a preference for chamber music. She is currently working on a book about the history of the violin and violin playing in Japan.

Margaret Mehl’s publications include:
- “Land of the Rising Sisters,” The Strad (May 2007): 60-64.
- “Made in Japan,” The Strad (May 2008): 58-64.
- “Toshiya Eto, 1927-2008” (Obituary), The Strad (June 2008): 25.
- “Japanese Salon Schools,” The Strad (December 2008): 48-52
- “Cultural Translation in Two Directions: The Suzuki Method in Japan and Germany”, Research & Issues in Music Education,7.1 (September 2009) (RIME ONLINE)
- “Japan’s Early Twentieth-Century Violin Boom”, Nineteenth-Century Music Review, 7/1, 2010: 21-43.
- “A Man’s Job? The Kôda Sisters, Violin Playing and Gender Stereotypes in the Introduction of Western Music in Japan”, Women’s History Review, 21:1 (February 2012): 101-120.
- "Introduction: Western Music in Japan: A Success Story?" Nineteenth-Century Music Review 10.2 (2013): 211-22.

Not by Love Alone: The Violin in Japan, 1850-2010
Copenhagen: The Sound Book Press, 2014.

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