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Becky Chaffee
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Becky Chaffee

I was raised in a musical family (my brother is a Klezmer jazz composer/musician in Berlin), I raised 2 "Suzuki" children on violin and piano, and I play flute, although I learned violin with my daughter until my wrists had to be bandaged every night. (A short-lived violin career). I have a masters in engineering from Cornell though I am from Calif. and live in TN. As my kids both got their drivers licenses, I began to have time to sew again. I sewed violin purses and other musical instrument purses. People loved them so much that I had them manufactured and started a business in Dec. 2012. The violin purses/bags are fun to wear out, but also are used as a string players gig bag. The back pocket fits the largest size cello string pack, the inside can fit a small metronome/tuner, a shoulder rest, rosin, eye glasses, cell... and comes with a small leather wallet. They hang from the symphony chair so one can always be prepared. I have since created Piano bags and guitar bags. And now there are so many more creative whimsical products at (Including whimsical music themed greeting cards with practice tips on the back.)

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