Juan Manuel Ruiz
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Juan Manuel Ruiz

I dropped my Literature career and began violin lessons in 2010, at the age of 20. Looking back, I believe it would have been more advantageous to start at an earlier age, but that was not possible for me for various reasons. I try to keep my musical taste as open and wide as possible; I like mostly Celtic music, progressive rock, a little Gothic, New Age, Argentine rock, tango, some other things that are hard to classify, and I'm slowly but pleasantly discovering the world of Classical and Baroque music. And learning to play the violin is probably the most complex, subtle, challenging, compelling, curious, inspiring, sometimes-frustrating-but-also-rewarding things I have found so far in this brief life - you probably know what I mean if you frequent this website too .

I also take regular Alexander Technique lessons, (of which I first heard in this website, and which I like to humbly recommend to almost everyone I meet), and I'm interested in literature, psychology, Non-Violent Communication, learning processes, new ways of social change, and anything that stimulates thought and helps us break our own prejudices and established views of the world - which is almost my definition of personal growth.

Altough I do not post on the message board very often, I read it almost every day at work, and I'm grateful for the lots of inspiration and information I obtained from this website. Plus, it's always good to remember that you are not the only one dealing with violin difficulties.