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Will Wilkin

Started out in May 2015 teaching myself to play violin. I have a special love for music of the baroque and soon decided to focus my study around early music. Eventually I was hacking through some "easy" sonatas by Corelli and Handel, etc, but it was never quite music. I knew I'd hit a plateau so I sought out a violin teacher who is also focused on baroque. Definitely the right thing to do! So now I'm being more disciplined in my practicing and targeting small and specific skills under her guidance.

In August 2018 I also started learning viola da gamba (bass viol), and started lessons with a teacher right from the start. The gamba comes easier to me than the violin. I've also acquired many other instruments I won't name here because I haven't yet put in the time to learn much on them. But I may turn to them as I grow in music so I do not regret the purchases, they represent challenges for the future.

My "goal" is to become a decent amateur musician who can play in early music ensembles and hopefully even compose some pieces of my own.