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Anne-Marie Proulx

I am in my early 20s and attend University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am doing a combined bachelor/master course in Occupational Therapy and I also study violin at the McGill University Conservatory. It is saddly a struggle to find enough time to practice but I intend to start again a more intensive practice routine as soon as I graduate! I am very fortunate to have a wonderful teacher to whom I owe so much. I am now studying for my last violin examination (equivalent of the last ASTA or RCM).

Coming from a non- musician family, I never was introduced to the instrument as a youngster. In my late teens, I discovered many instruments and fell in love with the violin and yes, pursued playing only violin. As many teens, I believed that I could do violin as a profession back then. So I attended school part time for a few years to have more time to practice! That was the happiest period of my life since I could practice a minimum of five hours a day, even more on weekends, and loved the experience!!!

When I realized that only a few very talented will make it for an interesting well paid musical job, I chose the sciences at school. Music remains my #1 passion though!

I admire all violinists! I am a great fan of Russian violinists and the Russian School of violin pedagogy, and am an absolutely devoted fan of David Oistrakh, my favorite artist.

I wish good luck to all of you in your musical journey!


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