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Jim Hastings

I completed a degree in violin performance but decided at 21 y/o not to go into the music business. I had already started in the commercial business field part time while still in school and decided to continue in it full time after graduation.

Since spring 1996, I've been a small-business owner and freelance writer/editor. I am also an occasional blogger. I continue practicing and playing as a serious amateur. My childhood ambition was to become a professional symphony player, but I realized at 21 that small-chamber playing suited my free-spirited personality far better.

May 5, 2021, update: I have a few digital audio tracks now on YouTube, recorded in the garage, summer and fall 2020, on my Android phone. Audio quality falls short -- sorry -- the phone's onboard microphone isn't great. I will re-do the tracks in .wav format over the next few months, using an external USB mic. For now, see:


I join Weekend Vote fairly often and reply now and then to other blog posts. At present, mostly for lack of time, I don't write to the Discussion Board. But I still scan the board for topics that interest me -- and I keep learning new things.

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