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Katie B.

I'm an adult amateur violinist who plays at the advanced intermediate level. I took regular lessons through high school and a bit into college but haven't really worked on solo repertoire in decades. These days I play in occasional community orchestras, semi-regular chamber music sight-reading parties (usually second violin but I'm getting braver), and a traditional music group at my Episcopal church. Non-music activities include cycling (ex bike racer), dabbling in local transportation policy, and part-time curriculum development work at Stanford. I'm married to an amateur cellist and we have an impish, talented but recalcitrant tween who has no interest in playing.

I fantasize about finding a really good teacher (=the right teacher for me) and launching myself over that advanced repertoire hurdle to the point of playing first violin parts and easier romantic concerti well.

Enjoy playing/listening to a wide range of music but my desert island composers are probably Brahms and Dvorak, especially their chamber music.

Current struggles: figuring out a setup that eliminates pain while playing, developing a consistent and effective practice routine amid the usual life constraints, getting over my stage fright.

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